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Rates and Artwork Specifications
If you just want to send us your print ready artwork please read the information below and make sure your artwork files meet our specifications and that your project will be ready in a timely manner. Thank you.

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Preparing your files for print

When you send us a digital file for film or printing more comes along than just your PageMaker, QuarkXPress and other desktop publishing document. (Please check LIST of PROGRAMS that we accept) You have to include Fonts and Images as well. If you follow this basics requirements for sending files we will eliminate most common problems that might prevent from processing your job.

Application File

This is the actual digital file that you created in PageMaker, QuarkXpress, Adobe Illustrator, or some other desktop publishing program. (Please check LIST of PROGRAMS that we accept) Before you send an application file: Be sure we have the same software, same version.)

If you've upgraded before us, you may have to 'save down' your file to the version we are using. Any program created other than Adobe programs, QuarkXPress and other major 'professional' applications, it would be best to create all text to curves or outline then convert them into EPS files or consider submitting a PostScript or PDF file for output.

Please submit a proof of JPEG or PDF file for us to approve (This is not a color proof).

Even when you use common, classic typefaces you'll need to send the copies of the actual font files that your document contains. Fonts can vary form vendor to vendor and differences exist between the TrueType and Type 1 versions of fonts. If you don't supply you own fonts the Atlantis Media Design may substitute your own version. This might work. Or it might result in subtle or obvious differences in your document including text reflow.

  1. Check your font license agreement. Generally it is an acceptable practice to supply a copy to a printer in order to output your job.
  2. Send both screen and printer fonts (for Type 1 fonts).
  3. If you have embedded EPS files that include text not converted to curves, send the fonts for those images as well.
  4. Avoid mixing TrueType and Type 1 fonts in the same file.
  5. Send the same version of the font (that is, if you used TrueType fonts but send the Type 1 version of that typeface you may see errors).
  6. You could embed all your fonts or convert text to curves to avoid having to send font files. However, this isn't always possible or advisable. Specially project like brochure, booklet or annual reports. Converting text to curves will increase your file size

Send copies of all your images used in your document. If you've practiced good file size management then most of your graphics are linked, not embedded in your document. We will need to have access to those graphics, otherwise your application file may have only low-quality preview images in the file or no graphic at all.

  1. Check your font license agreement. Generally it is an acceptable practice to supply a copy to a printer in order to output your job.
  2. Use EPS and TIFF images. If you must use other formats, JPEG.
  3. Convert RGB images to CMYK.
  4. Don't change graphics file names unless you first re-link them in your application file.
  5. If your image contanise other than CMYK make sure to format your image to DCS 2.0 with additional color layer.
  6. In some instances we might want you to also send original format graphics (Freehand, Illustrator, Photoshop files) in addition to the placed EPS/TIFF images in your page layout application ‹ for troubleshooting purposes.
Programs We Accept
We accept both Mac and PC files. All files for print must meet the requirements in PRINT SETUP and be 100% complete. These requirements are for both disk and FTP submissions.

· QuarkXPress - Quark QXD, Collect For Output.
· Adobe Photoshop - Photoshop TIF, EPS
· Adobe Illustrator - Illustrator EPS, All Type To Outline.
· Adobe Pagemaker - Illustrator EPS, All Type To Outline.
· Adobe InDesign - Acrobat PDF, All Type To Outline.
· Adobe Distiller - Acrobat PDF
· CorelDraw - CorelDraw EPS, All Type To Curves.
· Macromedia Fireworks - Fireworks TIF
· Macromedia Freehand - Freehand EPS, All Type To Outline.
· Microsoft PowerPoint - PowerPoint PPT.
· Microsoft Publisher - Publisher PUB., Embed All Fonts. DO NOT PACK FILES!!!

Printing Questions Concerns

If you have any questions after reading our specifications, please email or give us a call.

Print Templates

You can download all of our template layouts for business cards, flyers and more.

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Screen Printing Sizes

Adult full Front/Back 12" X 12"
Youth full Front/Back 8" X 8"
Adult Left/Right Chest 4" X 4"
Youth Left/Right Chest 3" X 3"
Visor 1" X 4"
Five Panel Caps 4" X 2 1/2"
Pocket Print 3" X 3"
Long Sleeve Print 14"
Pant Length Print 16"

We require vector art (no scans or uneditable eps files)

  • Photoshop, Illustrator 10 or Corel 11. Accpectable formats PDF, EPS or 300 dpi or higher resolution JPG
  • Font files must be included or convert the fonts to paths/outlines/curves.
  • Unacceptable Files: Microsoft Word, Power Point, Quark Express, GIFF, colored TIFF or JPEG under 300 dpi

Embroidery Decorative Area

Cap 2 5/8" High X 5" Wide
Minimum Letter Height 3/16" High
Side to Side (180 degrees) 2 5/8" High X 12" Wide
Left/Right Chest 4" X 4"
Left/Right Sleeve 3" X 3"
Full Upper Back 10" X 10"
Special Area or Size Call factory for size specs.

Embroidery Art:

May be in JPEG form, or any of the above acceptable forms.
Customer supplied tapes must be in Tajima Forma and must be accompanied by a swatch and color sequence.

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